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We provide reliable managed antivirus and managed anti-spam services to protect your IT infrastructure from malware or ransomware attacks. Our integrated antivirus will protect your network without slowing you down.

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What is Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)?

As the cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving and threats remain more difficult to spot, endpoints are extremely vulnerable.Antivirus software isn’t adequate to mitigate the cyber threat. Traditional antivirus software employs techniques that use signatures to identify and remove malware, viruses, and malware, and it is often referred to as anti-malware. In recent times, hackers have shifted towards polymorphic malware that allows the malware to alter every time it runs, and antivirus cannot detect it as antivirus programs based on signatures. At this point, Endpoint Detection and Response can be a lifeline for your business.An endpoint is a node in your network which can be any device. Laptops and desktops, mobile phones, VPNs, and other endpoints are all considered endpoints and all possible attack points. To protect these devices, Coalition may advise organizations to include the Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution in their security system.


How EDR Security work?

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is a highly advanced security system that identifies or prevents endpoint behavior and uses various data analytics approaches to detect suspicious activities in the system’s behavior. It sends signals, records log, gives contextual information, advises administrators to block malicious activity, and provides suggestions to restore affected systems.The Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), also referred to as the endpoint’s threat detection and reaction (ETDR), is a comprehensive EDR security solution that blends continuous monitoring in real-time and gathering endpoint information using rules-based automated analysis and response capabilities.The main objectives that Endpoint Detection and Response security systems are:


EDR security system is to:

* Incident detection

* Track and collect activity data from the devices that could signal a potential threat

* Examine this data to determine threats and patterns

* Automatically respond to threats to either eliminate or contain them and inform security personnel

* Analysis and Forensics tools to investigate threats that have been identified and look for suspicious activity

* Guidance on remediation

EDR’s active threat protection lets it detect and block threats before an administrator can react to them. When the EDR solution has detected the issue, it will take steps to remove and quarantine the malware. Contrary to traditional antivirus systems that detect just as effective as the signature libraries, endpoint detection and response is based on behavior analysis to find and eliminate threats based on the evidence of their behavior on the endpoint. It can be very quickly, extremely quickly.



* Determine the most essential program requirements to ensure an effective cyber risk management

* Enhance cyber threat awareness for your company through integrated threat intelligence

* Be aware of cyber-related threats that affect your company with your most crucial business assets

* Enhance the efficiency of your cyber-risk management throughout your company


Endpoint Detection and Response

Genius Fixers provide a broad array of risk management, threat and security, and response for endpoints to help your business’s operations. The use of an Antivirus Alone cannot guarantee the security of your business regardless of how secure its security measures are. We’ve built on the most effective protection that includes

* Our top group of analysts are utilizing proactive strategies for 24 hours a day to hunt down threats.

* You identify the consequences and the context of potential threats to your company.

* Start taking the first steps to remote disrupt, contain threats, and neutralize them for you to deter even the most sophisticated threats.

* Your organization should receive actionable guidance on addressing the root causes of repeated incidents so that they don’t keep repeating themselves.

At Genius Fixers, we ensure your network, servers, and backup devices are well secured and under strict professional threat avoidance guidelines. Cyber attacks commonly affect access control, backup, server security, and exploit identification and authentication. Using Licensed products, professional policies, and industry-standard encryption and patching can help us firsthand to avoid any threats. Genius Fixers have a wide range of EDR tools that can perfectly match the needs of your business model and can assist your organization against security threats. These EDR tools have some standard features, but some may vary as they have enhanced functionality.

* Endpoint Detection and Response Best practices includes

* Segmenting your network

* Define an incident response plan

* keeping in mind of what type of users are u working

* Integrate your tooling

* Take proactive measures

* Minimize your perimeter

We help you choosing the right EDR tool


Genius Fixer encourages businesses to consider these factors when choosing the right EDR Security.Endpoint Detection and Response is a new technology with a variety of possibilities and capabilities. When you are choosing the best EDR solution, there are several options, but not all of them are to be equal. Always look for these common features when considering to choose a EDR security for your organization.



Solutions must provide real-time visibility across all your devices, including visibility into applications, communications, and processes. Solutions should also offer central access to logs to investigate and analyze forensics both during and after the events.


Threat database

Solutions must include the threat intelligence database. This database must contain information from databases outside of your network and should be able to add information specific to your network.


Behavioral Protection

Solutions must include models for behavioral analysis, and they should enable you to track the lateral movements across your network and resources.



Solutions should be able to operate in real-time and provide accurate alerts and automated threat responses. This will require detection engines that provide minimal false positives and the capability to establish automatic response guidelines.



Cloud-based solutions can safeguard your network without impacting the performance of your devices. They should seamlessly integrate with your existing devices and provide user-friendly remote access to control. While The importance of cloud based EDR security is much more than all others available in the market gives your infrastructure a single, light weight agent to operate with includes

* Machine earning

* Enhance equipment and data manageability

* 365 days in a year protection with zero downtime

* Hardware independent and less maintenance

* Flexible optional infrastructure as in hardware and software deployment