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US-Based 24/7 Service Desk


Many service providers ensure that your call will be returned as soon as possible—but by whom?

At Genius Fixers, we provide a US-based support desk manned by qualified technicians (not call agents) who can typically resolve issues right away. Additionally, we allow you to “self-triage” any issue, so you can contact us 24/7/365 for any issue, no matter how big or small. A managed service provider offers great IT help desk solutions, so be sure you’re receiving the best! Distance IT Support End-user problems, like being unable to connect to the internet, having a slow or “frozen” computer, forgetting passwords, being unable to print, or having trouble signing in, are the ones that require tech help the most frequently. These IT issues can be resolved remotely by our team using tools that give us complete access to your network and systems. In order to keep your workforce functioning cost-effectively, Genius Fixers offers remote support technology services that include software installation, cloud services, sophisticated troubleshooting and repairs of apps, and more.


On-Site Support

Many IT support duties are now completed remotely as cloud-based services gain popularity. However, there are still some problems that call for or need on-site solutions. Any issues that Genius Fixers cannot resolve remotely are always resolved on-site by a specialist. Additionally, we provide scheduled on-site services. Find out which of our on-site assistance packages best meets your needs by speaking with us about them.


Cybersecurity Security

Cybersecurity, Every company is extremely concerned about security, yet very few have the means to stop online threats and attacks. One of the main reasons companies choose a managed services provider is to have access to advanced, round-the-clock cybersecurity protection. Genius Fixers managed security services are described in more detail here.


Server and Workstation Management

One of the most significant ways service providers can safeguard your organisation against cyberattacks is to maintain your software and operating systems up to date. In addition to missing out on new features, failing to do so leaves you vulnerable to hackers searching for organisations that haven’t bothered with the most recent security patches. Genius Fixers will assume control of this crucial duty if you lack the personnel to maintain it on a regular basis, ensuring company continuity with automated software upgrades, patch solutions, and security updates, including antivirus and antispam.


Network Monitoring and Management

Want to maintain peak performance in your IT environment? All the devices in your network, including routers, firewalls, and switches, are continuously monitored and managed by managed services. Our automated systems proactively monitor your computers, servers, and other network components to find and report device and connection issues.


Hardware and Software

It takes a lot of time to evaluate, buy, and install gear and software. The experts at Genius Fixers can advise you on the best licencing contracts, hardware, and software options for your company. From installing, maintaining, and updating your systems to retiring outdated hardware, we handle the entire procurement process. All of the main hardware and software companies are partners with us. Because of our purchasing power in large quantities and our close ties to numerous important wholesalers, our solutions also allow for lower pricing.


Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR)

Businesses nowadays are producing more data than ever before, and safeguarding that data is crucial. In order to ensure business continuity, a reliable data backup and disaster recovery solution is required. One of the most crucial expenditures for safeguarding your business is your data backup and disaster recovery solution. You may choose, implement, and manage the backup and recovery solution that is appropriate for your company with the aid of Genius Fixers. Many of our managed services come with a variety of choices to satisfy your backup and recovery requirements.


Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Gold Partner Genius Fixers has more than 16 years of experience offering services and solutions for Microsoft products, such as Office 365, Azure, and SharePoint. We assist your company in choosing the appropriate Microsoft plans and products, assist you in moving away from your present solution, and offer continuing management in addition to our US-based 24/7/365 service desk. Your productivity software is yet another crucial managed services pillar!


IOS and Android Support

Mobile device security is a challenge when employees use their personal devices at work. Mobile devices boost employee productivity, but poorly managed ones pose a serious security threat. Our managed services are relied upon by many clients that need guidance on how to safeguard their mobile environment. Usually, we begin by developing a personalised Bring Your Own Device policy. We can also assist you in assessing a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution and other recommended safeguards for your devices.


Cloud Services

Migration and optimization 24×7 Event Management for UCC Services. Support for operating systems, applications, databases, business continuity, and connectivity are all provided in addition to real-time monitoring of computing, storage, switches, hypervisors, and converged infrastructure.

Phone, UC, Collaboration & Contact Center of Network Services – SD WAN, Network, Wireless & Optimization.


Network Optimization

According to the most recent report by Gartner Group, 80% of businesses overpay between 6 and 8% per month for their telecoms services, and the majority of companies overspend by 22-26% for I.T. services. Genius Fixers will ensure that your network expenses and bandwidth needs are continuously optimised as your dependable IT partner.