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For marketers, Social media platforms provide an incredible opportunity to connect with new prospects and assist in growing your business online. If you’re not able to develop and maintain social media optimization service can assist. In this article, we’ll discuss our services for optimizing social media and why you should pick Genius Fixers as your social media company. If you’re interested in learning more about the ways Genius Fixers can assist you to enhance your social media profile, please call Genius Fixers today at (703)-419-9000 for a consultation with an expert strategist. 


What do our Social Media Optimization services include?


If you’re looking for an SEO company for social media you may not be aware of what to anticipate. It is essential to know what social media optimization plans comprise so that you can choose the best plan for your company and its goals. Let’s look at the services you’ll receive from the social media optimization services offered by Genius Fixers. 


Social Media Account Audit


If you’ve published posts on your accounts you’ll receive an audit of your social media accounts as part of your social media optimization package. Our experts will look over all your accounts on social networks, and examine your previous posts, comments, and engagement with users. We’ll aid you in creating an effective strategy to compete for your company. We’ll learn about your customers better so that you develop a campaign that is a hit with the people they are. Our team will assist you to design a unique social media strategy to help your business expand through social media. Analyzing how you’re using your existing social media activities is vital to ensure results for your company. It lets you know what’s working with your followers and how you can enhance your efforts to attract more followers. 


Original Social Media posts


If you choose to invest in a company that optimizes social media such as Genius Fixers, you’ll get authentic social media posts for your company. We’ll assist you in creating genuine posts that can allow you to gain new followers as well as engage your existing followers. Our social media experts can help you design brand-specific posts that represent your company and will help your customers become acquainted with the brand. Based on your plan you’ll receive anywhere between 15 to 75 posts every month. Each post will assist you in highlighting your brand’s image and highlight your services and products. You’ll always be able to either approve or deny postings to ensure that they’re in line with the goals of your business and goals. If you’re looking to develop appealing, traffic-driven postings on your social network, Genius Fixers is the most appropriate social media optimization business to help you reach this goal. 


Custom Images


Your followers follow hundreds of companies on social media and you’ll need to design custom-designed images that will make you make a splash. When you join forces with a social media optimization such as Genius Fixers, you’ll get unique images for all of your social media posts. The award-winning team of designers will design customized photos for posts on social media. We’ll assist you in maximizing the effectiveness of your posts on social media and design images that resonate with your brand’s message and grab the attention of your fans. 


Dedicated Social Media Account Manager


When you sign up with an agency for social media optimization you need to know who will assist you in your campaign. It can be frustrating to not know who to talk to regarding your campaign. If you don’t have a contact person, it can be difficult to receive updates about your campaign and understand the work of your social media teamwork. 

If you select Genius Fixers as your company for social media optimization you’ll receive a dedicated person to manage your social media accounts. You’ll always know who you can contact if you have concerns, questions, or thoughts regarding your campaign. Your social account manager will notify you of any changes to your campaign and keep you on the progress of your campaign. Our team of experts in social media optimization can help your campaign generate beneficial results for your business. We’ll keep you in the loop regarding the effectiveness of your campaign and assist you in making changes that have the most impact. 


Social Media Network Setup and Optimization


If you’re still not able to set up the social media accounts or optimized them an optimization firm can help to get started. Genius Fixers can help you with our social media optimization services. Genius Fixers, we’ll help you set up your accounts and then fill in all of the details on your company profiles. You’ll own 100% of your account. Our team will assist you to establish and optimize your account to give your followers useful information regarding your business. 


Brand Reputation Analysis


Your brand is an integral aspect of your company. You want your customers to know your brand name and instantly become acquainted with it. Genius Fixers’ team Genius Fixers will analyze your image to understand how people perceive your company. We’ll help you understand your brand’s worth and credibility. Our team will review your social media accounts to identify negative comments or posts. We’ll then offer suggestions on how you can establish a trustworthy reputation. Our experts will assist you to improve your standing. We’ll offer you complete plans that allow you to boost your credibility and gain the trust of your customers. Our team will integrate these suggestions into your social media marketing to ensure you’re running an effective strategy on social media. 


In-depth Competitor Analysis


Apart from looking at your own business, you need to study your competitors. There are many companies using social media to connect with the same group of people. If you wish to be successful in managing your social media it is essential to research your competitors and find out what they are doing to reach your customers. 

Genius Fixers Genius Fixers, we’ll provide you with an in-depth competitor analysis that can aid you in understanding the performance of your competition. Our team can help you determine the weaknesses of competitors and give you ideas on how you can use the weaknesses as an opportunity for your company. By analyzing your competitors we will help you launch the most effective strategy to take on your competition. Our team will assist you to stay in the same league as these businesses through social media. 


Data-driven Social Strategy


The value of data is immense for your company. Data helps you attract the most profitable customers for your company. At Genius Fixers, we apply your data through the creation of a custom analytics-based social strategy. With our machine-learning program and AI technology, we can quickly develop strategies that work for your company. We’ll help you make use of your data to generate more customers for your Facebook channels. 


Regular Social Media Monitoring


When you share information on any of your social media channels we’ll be there to check the content. The social media advertising packages include monitoring social media. We check your posts regularly to assess how they’re doing for your business. Your strategist will be monitoring the effectiveness of each post. Our strategists monitor the reach, engagement, and others. We’ll collate this information to help us improve the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaigns. This allows our team to discover whether certain posts are more effective than other posts. This will allow us to create more engaging content that will attract your target audience and will increase the number of people who visit your pages. 


Monthly Consultations


Our company is committed to transparency. Our goal is to help you stay updated on your social media efforts and how they’re doing. We offer monthly meetings with our clients. When you purchase one of the social media advertising packages, you’ll have a meeting with your social media expert each month. We’ll meet and discuss the overall performance of your campaign. We’ll also discuss possible improvement opportunities and enhancements we can add to your strategy. This will allow you to improve your social media strategies to ensure you get the most benefit from them. 


Monthly Reports


In addition to the monthly consults with us, we’ll receive the monthly report. The report will detail your social media campaign’s results. Your consultant will go through this report together with you to make sure you are aware of the successes of your social media campaign as well as areas for improvement. The report is available to take along with you. We’ll give you an electronic copy of the report so that you can give it to your staff and inform them about the social media activities you’re running. Our reports are completely transparent, and you can be confident that you’ll be aware of what’s happening with this campaign as well as how it impacts your business. 


What do our social media advertising optimization services include?


In addition to our social media marketing, we also provide advertising on social media.  Social Media Optimization lets your business be seen by new customers that haven’t discovered your company. Genius Fixers Genius Fixers, we offer continuous social media optimization services to advertise across the platforms listed below: 



Facebook is among the most well-known platforms for advertising for businesses. It allows you to reach out to those that are curious about your company but haven’t yet followed your company’s page as of yet. 

Our experts will assist you to select the most effective objectives to achieve your goal. On Facebook you can concentrate on: 

*  Brand awareness 

*  Engagement 

*  Traffic 

*  Conversions 

*  Store visits 

This gives you the ability to create different kinds of campaigns. The team of Genius Fixers will help you identify which goals for your campaign are compatible with your company’s requirements. We’ll continue to improve the goals as your requirements evolve. Our team can help you select the best design for your campaign as well as the best for social media optimization. We’ll assist you with creating images as well as ad copy that attracts your target audience and causes people to be interested in your company. Our experts will help you continuously improve your Facebook advertising campaigns to get greater outcomes. 



Instagram is an excellent visual platform to engage your followers. The main focus of Instagram is sharing videos and photos with its followers. It’s a fantastic platform for advertising your company and providing the public with a glimpse of your offerings or services. With the help of our expert team on social media optimization, we’ll help you design captivating and engaging Instagram ads. We’ll assist you in creating the images and text for each ad, ensuring that you’re creating the most effective impression of your brand. Our team will help you optimize your marketing campaigns to ensure you bring the highest quality traffic to your site. The first step is to assist you in choosing the best advertisement objective for your Instagram advertisements. There are a variety of goals you can choose to set for the campaign advertising that you can choose from,

such as: 

*  Conversions 

*  App installs 

*  Engagements 

*  Video views 

*  Awareness

We’ll assist you in optimizing your campaign in order to reach these objectives. Our team will continuously evaluate the progress of your campaign to determine if it’s bringing the most effective results for your company. If you’re looking for ways to improve we’ll look at your marketing strategy and come up with solutions. 



LinkedIn is an ideal social media site for those seeking to connect with professionals as well as other companies. Our team of experts in social media optimization will assist you in taking advantage of LinkedIn to help you with your online marketing package.The first step is aiding you in determining the best way to present your advertisement through social media optimization. This is important since it will determine how you can improve your advertising campaign.

Select from the below options: 

*  Sponsored Content: Sponsored ads that appear in the news feed. 

*  Sponsored InMail: Adverts that are directly sent to the mailbox of a potential customer via LinkedIn.

*  Text ads: advertisements that appear in various locations on LinkedIn’s feed, however, only on desktops. 

Our experts will assist you in deciding which ad format is best to promote your business on LinkedIn.We can also help to target the correct people. LinkedIn offers very thorough target-specific parameters that allow you to target leads in a more specific manner. We’ll continuously enhance your ads to ensure that you’re reaching the right audience at the right time.