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    IT Support Services

    Innovation and evolution are key to staying ahead of your industry. If you are looking to enhance your company’s digitalization. Our team can help you to implement and plan the best possible technologies into your organizations.  

    Enterprise Software Development 

    Get ahead of your competition by creating custom enterprise software that meets your needs and goals. Our team of experts will help you design, develop, and implement a custom solution that helps you get ahead. 

    Software Integration 

    Application Portfolio Management is dependent on the ability to integrate software. Integration solutions for enterprise applications include point-to-point, cloud-based, IoT, and data integrations. 

    Legacy Software Modernization 

    Your business could lose millions of revenues, weeks of development, security troubleshooting, or the trust of your customers if your legacy applications stop working. Genius Fixers will analyze your infrastructure to find a solution that will help you upgrade your legacy systems, increase IT security, and lower your business costs. 

    Consultancy & Innovation 

    Technology is constantly changing and businesses are moving fast. Genius Fixers is open to testing new technologies so you can benefit from our expertise. We will help you make smart tech decisions and harness innovation. 

    Legacy Modernization 

    You can seamlessly move from monolithic legacy systems to a flexible architecture, without losing any of the essential data. 


    Delivering it right 

    Integration Into Projects 

    If you want a more centralized system, we can help you to do so. To avoid delays in development and maintain your project’s smooth operation, you can hire dedicated developers. 

    Support Maintenance 

    Genius fixers provides software solutions support and maintenance throughout the lifecycle of enterprise software 

    Designing IT Infrastructure 

    We design and build a functional infrastructure to ensure your system runs smoothly. 

    Quality Assurance 

    Regular testing by our QA specialists ensures that your system works as it should. So, you can rest easy, we detect and fix bugs. 


    How to Boost Your Success 

    Customer Experience 

    We are software application developers who keep your needs in mind. We provide a customized approach to each project, considering all your requirements and building a strong relationship with your team. 

    Time to Market Acceleration 

    We quickly create a functional prototype that you can show your target audience. We then continue to improve the features of the prototype based on user feedback. 

    Efficient Development 

    Our agile methods use fast, trackable, and consistent sprints to reduce development time and costs. Genius Fixers is fast and doesn’t compromise on quality. 

    Scalability Reliability 

    We consider your future requirements and create solutions that we can easily be modify or scaled up as needed. To help you meet new challenges, we can also modify or update existing solutions. 

    Scale Your Team Fast 

    Genius Fixers has engineering centers all over the globe, so you can strengthen your project and team with the expertise that you need in a matter of days. You can hire as many top-notch developers as you want quickly. 

    Cutting-Edge Tech Stacks 

    Genius Fixers, an IT powerhouse consisting of developers, offers a broad range of services that include architecture design through to post-production maintenance. 


    Genius Fixers is a well-established company with over 15 years of experience in the marketplace. Our experience helps us to provide you top notch solutions. We have well trained resources that are willing to help you anytime. 

    Mature Design Practices 

    We have refined and improved our processes over the years. You can trust our knowledge. Our solid cooperation model ensures effective communication and prompt delivery of results. 

    Integrity and Transparency 

    Although we are tech-geeks ourselves, our human values are important to us. Genius Fixers is a trustworthy and respectful business partner. We believe mutual trust and respect are key components to productive business relationships. 

    Safety and Security 

    International regulations fully protect your personal data and intellectual property. We make sure that we follow industry standards and protect your confidentiality. 


    The most in-demand software solutions 


    Cybersecurity is core, for especially confidential and backend procedures. Any modern software project must address security risks associated with sensitive data and business products. 

    Artificial Intelligence 

    AI presents endless possibilities for every organization. Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies are revolutionizing every aspect of daily operations and processes. 

    Cloud Computing 

    Cloud computing is a key driver of innovation, business transformation and other innovations. Cloud-based technologies increase business agility, reduce costs, and simplify IT. 

    Testing and QA 

    Quality Assurance is about creating the best product possible for your customers. A good QA & Testing process can provide valuable insights, minimize downtime, and improve the user experience. 

    Mobile Apps 

    Mobile apps offer engaging and exciting experiences that allow users to connect with brands. We can develop mobile app natively, cross-platform, or hybrid ally, which gives you knew competitive advantages. 

    Data Analytics 

    Data is the key to uncovering actionable insights about customers, operations, and company products. Analytics and BI are key to data-driven decisions that drive performance and growth. 

    UX/UI Design 

    Engaging and interactive UI/UX design increases conversions, reduces customer churn and encourages loyalty and advocacy. If your UI/UX design in up to the par you can turn visitors into customers and loyal users as well. 


    Essential traits you should look in a company 

    Fluent Communication & Workflow 

    The company you are working with must have resources that can speak and write fluent English so you won’t face any hurdles and challenges in communication. Your development process should align with their work process throughout the entire development cycle. 

    Standardized Security Protocols 

    Modern projects should be concerned about cybersecurity. For all your software products and data, make sure that the software company you choose follows the most current security protocols. 

    Top Software Engineers 

    Outsourcing software development opens the doors to top-notch IT talent. The company is responsible for assembling a team from the best software developers in the region to create the best product possible. 


    It is a great advantage to work in the same time zone when scheduling meetings or managing cooperative workflows between in-house and outsourced teams. 

    Quality Experience 

    They should be transparent about their previous work because it is the only thing you can figure out how high-quality product they are delivering. Previous work experiences give you a glimpse of their work ethic. 

    Full Range of Services 

    Software development companies with a broad range of expertise will be able handle your project using a holistic approach and highly-experienced staff.